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APC expanded its UPCS knowledge beyond the basic inspection and is versed in all aspects of the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Physical Inspection Subsystem (PASS). We have incorporated our knowledge and inspection experience into a comprehensive UPCS training program which focuses on improving your physical score.

Physical Inspection Process
APC's training provides:
  • A clear understanding of UPCS definitions and identification of notable deficiencies with regards to building exteriors, building systems, common areas, and building interiors (units)
  • A clear understanding and identification of UPCS Health and Safety Deficiencies
  • Details of how to improve the PHAS Physical Indicator Score
  • REAC Scoring
  • The UPCS inspection time line
  • The REAC Inspectors Code of Conduct
  • HUD Rules and Regulations Applicable to the REAC-UPCS and PHAS Physical Indicator
APC's training covers the Inspection Process from both the REAC Inspector's perspective and the Housing Authority's perspective: What to do Before, During, and After the REAC Inspection. How the Physical Inspection Breakdown Structure (PIBS) is used to classify a defect is explained. The five inspectable areas are defined: Site Building Exterior, Building Systems, Common Areas, and Units.
Area Max Point Loss
Site 7.5 points
Building Exterior 10 points
Building Systems 10 points
Common Areas 10 points
Dwelling Units 5 points
The four items needed to classify a defect a presented: Inspectable Area, Inspectable Item, Defect and Severity Level are reviewed. Going beyond what a REAC Inspector does, the class learns how Criticality and Item Weights are used to calculate the point deduction for each defect that is reportable. With APC as your UPCS trainer, each attendee will receive a UPCS Presentation Notebook, Inspector's Field Guide, Pocket Guide, Compilation Bulletin, Interactive Class Activities, Practical Exercises, Inspection Forms, PIBS Table, High Point Loss Items, Exigent H & S Form and Software.

Uniform Physical Condition Standards

Two-Day Seminar Agenda (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

  • PHAS Background/Subsystems
  • PASS Protocol
  • Interim Rule Update
The Inspection Process
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Data Collection
    • » Software Demonstration
    • » Forms Review
Observing & Documenting a Deficiency
  • Site
  • Building Exterior
  • Building Systems
  • Common Areas
  • Dwelling Units
Health & Safety
Life Threatening Health & Safety
Inspection Results & Scoring
Practical Exercises
*Certification Proficiency Exam
View Sample Flyer and Agenda for APC's 1-Day and 2-Day UPCS/REAC Training.
Thanks also for your excellent training sessions on UPCS protocol. I am still getting positive feedback from the attendees.
Your training, UPCS inspections, and shadowing all were a big part of our improved scores.
I received unsolicited comments from the staff regarding the effectiveness of the "feet on the ground" training. That really seemed to pull it all together for the group.
I am happy to tell you we are scoring in the 90's so far at 4 of our sites.
This was my fifth REAC training. This one was the most informative.
I now have a better perspective of how the various inspection procedures the seminar dealt with pertain to HUD rules/regulations/guidelines.

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